Sport Specific/Team Training

In every surface sport workout, we research the sport’s specific movement patterns, common injury sites, reaction needs, endurance needs, strength and flexibility requirements. These sessions help develop good form, prevent injuries, enhance performance and gain an understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship. Due to the specific workout design our trainers must place the athletes into this class.

Every session starts out with our uniquely designed dynamic warm up, a work out that includes endurance, speed training, agility, coordination and circuits specifically designed for the sport training in need. The session ends with a cool down and stretching to increase flexibility. With each class, athletes are progressing reactive ability and multi-directional speed and movement to play, twist, rotate, jump, pass, shoot, and control. The work out also develops endurance for the athlete to last longer in the game and increases functional strength. These sessions improve core and rotational strength and better overall balance. Sports include:




High Intensity Sports Conditioning/Jump Program

Jump Manual is a comprehensive vertical jump-training program. This program will help you achieve your maximum vertical leap! If you are a basketball or volleyball player then you have an understanding that jumping is the crucial component of these sports. This intense workout program targets specially on increased vertical jump.