Surface At-Home: Series 4

4 weeks, 1 video per week with warm up, activities and stretching in each! 


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Series Four is all about basketball skills! Basketball is a great sport to gain cardiovascular strength and endurance, build muscular strength, agility, coordination, sprinting, and practicing vertical jump! Basketball is a foundation sport for primary grades and is a great, fun way to move! This series will consist of basic foundation movements to practice basketball skills such as dribbling, sprinting, shooting, agility skills, and so much more!


Plan Details

⏰ 4 Weeks!
📹 10-30 minute Videos!
💪🏽 Full Body Workouts, all basketball based!
🏅 Creating fitness, nutrition, and basketball goals!
📖 This interactive e-book is delivered to you via email + 📄 PDF and will be available for you to print for your children!
💡 We designed this workout plan using objects around your home! No need to purchase any objects!
✨ Each week has a different theme to tie in with our activities
  • Week 1: Be the best version of you!
  • Week 2: Practice makes perfect!
  • Week 3: Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
  • Week 4: Everything you can imagine, you can do!

👫 Recommend ages: 5-12

We are so excited to share with you our Physical Education program from the comfort of your own home!
There is always a surface to move on™
Videos are password protected and reserved for surface fitness users. No refunds.


Product Disclaimer:

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Surface At-Home: Series 4