What should I expect?

How should I prepare my child for class?


How do I sign up my child for their first class?

Step 1: Click “Schedule/Pricing” in the top right corner.
Step 2: Create an account and register through our Mind Body site.
Step 3: View the “Classes” tab to choose your class and click Sign Up Now. Your child MUST be signed up for a class to reserve your spot.
Step 4: Purchase class passes as needed by clicking the “Online Store”

My child is not very active. Can he or she still do the workout?

Yes! We encourage children of all levels to come move with us! He or she can take breaks as necessary.

My child has an injury. Can he or she still do the workout?

Depending on the child’s injury! If a child is recovering from an injury, trainers can modify exercises for the child’s safety. Trainers can design strength and conditioning exercises to accommodate each child.
Please Note: Please be sure to tell your trainer about your child’s injury prior to class!

Will my child be lifting heavy weights?

No. It is critical for children to exercise with their own body weight as their bodies are still developing. However, Teen and High Intensity classes will have some weights depending on each child’s strength, age and mobility! For children who will use weights, trainers will designate weights based on each child’s motor skills.

How early should I arrive for my child’s first class?

5 minutes prior to class.

I have two children and I would like to sign them both up under the same package. How can I add both of them to my account?

Step 1: Go on and on the top right, click “Schedule/Pricing” this will lead you to our online scheduling site.
Step 2: Create an account.
Step 3: Under “Family Member” add each child who plan on attending surface fitness on the right hand side.
Step 4: Click Online Store, under “What kind of series or Membership would you like” choose the “Group Classes” option. Click the First Class Free Option and check out.
Step 5: To reserve your children’s spot in a group class, click “Classes” tab. Click “Sign Up Now” for the day you would like to come in.
Step 6: Click “Make a single reservation for (child’s name)” for each child who plan on attending surface fitness for the day! You MUST do this for each child. For example, if you have two children, repeat this step twice!

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