Surface App

Exercise in a new, innovative way!

The surface fitness app was created for you to move and interact on all surfaces. To bring you together with your friends, with your family, with your community – to engage your body and engage your mind while gaining points and achieving badges along the way.

Visit hiking trails, beaches, parks, famous landmarks, your local coffee shop. We have thousands of locations ready for you to move on! Have a suggestion for a perfect surface to move on? Great, you can suggest locations along the way and share with friends!

This interactive app allows you to view a map within your current location and exercise to earn points in different local spots. READY, SET, GO! After you complete an exercise you earn a point!

As you start to earn points, you will receive badges! These badges are reminders that you are an achiever, a leader, and inspiring others to move, engage and be active within the app and their community.

We are here to motivate you, encourage you, and cheer you on! We are here to help you be active, be healthy, be excited and be yourself! This app is for all children, all families, all ages, all ethnicities, all levels, all walks of life.
This app is for you to be you! This is the surface fitness app!
There is always a surface to move on™


  • An interactive map with exercises at various locations/surfaces
  • One minute workout videos at each location to keep children and adults moving each day
  • Earn one point for every exercise video you complete
  • Earn one point for suggesting a location that we add to the app
  • Earn one point for sharing with friends if they download the app
  • Earn badges for different levels of points gained
  • Our Mission Nutrition board to learn about a new healthy food each week and recipe the whole family can make

Download the surface fitness app here!