Group Classes

A breakthrough in children’ fitness. These group classes are designed to teach children about physical fitness, get children up and moving and make it fun & entertaining for them at the same time. The classes and trainers provide challenge, support and excitement. Children learn the joy and satisfaction of being physically active and part of a group regardless of their personal strengths or limitations. During each group class, your child is improving cardiovascular fitness, coordination and flexibility while setting and achieving goals to enhance performance, confidence, determination, and happiness.


This class is designed for preschool children to enjoy working out and take pleasure in basic fitness and activities.The period of the most rapid development of movement skills is between ages 3 to 5. This age range is the most important time to promote physical activity in children. Fundamental motor skills are the building blocks for future movement activities and these skills must be taught and reinforced. Our activities are developmentally appropriate and incorporate academic concepts. Each activity will include running, jumping, galloping, sliding, balancing, throwing, kicking, eye-hand-foot coordination, and spatial awareness. The weekly fitness activities will comprise a variety of obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, collecting and sorting, and fitness centers in small groups to provide an engaging, fun, and creative environment.


Ages 9-12 years old. These classes incorporate basic exercise and movement skills including cardiovascular fitness, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Children between the ages of 9 and 12 years begin to combine the fundamental gross motor skills to perform more complex movements. The group classes will incorporate a full body workout including upper body, lower body, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance training. Our trainers design a unique class in a fun environment that will keep children motivated and excited to return to their next class! The FIT classes will pave the way for a lifetime of positive exercise experiences and have your child engaged in physical fitness, developing lifelong skills, building self-confidence and burning calories.


Ages 6-8 years old. These classes provide a foundation for fitness and exercise. Each class is designed around developing gross motor and fitness skills. Children between the ages of 6 and 8 years should be able to perform all fundamental gross motor skills. During each group class, your child is improving their cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and flexibility. The group classes are designed around a full body workout that incorporates upper body, lower body, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Our trainers ensure children will experience a creative and unique group class that includes obstacle courses, fitness games, monthly fitness challenges, and much more. Children set goals to enhance their performance, confidence, & happiness in each class.


Ages 13-18 years old. These classes are for teens to get fit and stay active. From our dynamic warm up to our variety of circuits teens will be challenged through a full body workout. Each class teens will improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, coordination, flexibility, overall strength and general nutrition. These classes are unique in that our trainers mentor the teens in their health, fitness, and nutrition goals. Teens who attend these classes develop the motivation for a lifetime of positive exercise experiences through building self-confidence and burning calories.